H.S.M. Ashcraft Design Partners

For the past eleven years Eve Ashcraft and Heather Smith MacIsaac have been partners in life and work. Their professional experiences and skills overlap and dovetail in extraordinary ways. They began consulting as a team on several hospitality and interior design projects years ago and recently formed H.S.M. Ashcraft Design Partners LLC, adding a more formal face to their collaborative projects.



Armed with a degree in architecture from Yale, Heather Smith MacIsaac landed in New York City and quickly found herself working as the architecture editor at House & Garden magazine during the Condé Nast golden era. Her work took her all over the world in search of projects worthy of publication. Ten years of travel and design writing became the perfect platform for her next position: Creative Director at Travel & Leisure magazine. MacIsaac has spent over 30 years in the design and travel worlds as an editor, writer, hospitality consultant and design travel expert. 



Ashcraft and MacIsaac have a shared design ethos. They believe that great design enhances human experience. For them beauty and functionality must sit side-by-side. Working together as consultants on several hospitality projects, they have spent countless hours exploring ways to improve guest experience without sacrificing design. In addition to their work on hotels, they have worked on several interior design projects and consulted with architectural firms on materials, color, fabrics and fixtures for residential and corporate projects.


Clients include The Greenwich Hotel NYC, The Sebastopol Hotel, Hotel Healdsburg, Harmon House Hotel, Restoration Hardware, Wettling Architects, Il Mulino and Domingue Architectural Finishes.