LINKS to resources, inspiration and colleagues 

 List in continuous formation and in no particular order...


Brilliant Colleagues:

G. P. Schafer Architect 

Chateau Domingue

Wettling Architects

Architectural Research Office

Tsao & McKown Architects

Martin Raffone Interior Design

William McIntosh Design

Fine Paints of Europe

Artisan Books / Workman Publishing

Deborah Nevins and Associates

Miles Redd Interior Design

Tamarkin Co.

Suzanne Shaker Inc.

Anthony Cochran Design 

Helen Quinn

Stern Projects


Resources and Inspiration:

John Derian   maker and purveyor of inspiration

Philippa Brathwaite  stylist and designer

Jeffrey W. Miller  stylist and designer

Jonathan Teasdale Painting  the painter I recommend for everything

Stephen Antonson  sculptor and maker of lighting and furniture

Jocelyn Beaudoin  stylist

William Abranowicz  photographer

Andrea Raisfeld  locations

Victor Schrager  photographer

Frances Palmer  pottery

Joan Osofsky  designer, owner of Hammertown

Melissa McGill artist

Tom Sachs artist